App Preview Naming for automatic recognition

When you upload app previews to AppManager we use the file name and the dimensions of the file to automatically detect the locale (language), position, and device category/size.


📱Device size

We automatically detect the device size/category for App Store Connect. This is harder as for screenshots, because it's possible to have the same resolution for different device categories. Please refer to our overview of all possible resolutions.

🌐 Locale

If you are localizing your app previews for international audiences, you can use the official ISO locale codes in the file name. Please refer to our overview of all possible languages.

🔢 Position

Simply use a number from 1-3 (App Store Connect) to indicate the position and order of your app previews.



To avoid errors with the recognition of your app previews avoid "random" numbers in the file name as they might get recognized as position indicators and us - or _ to separate locale codes, position, device category etc.