Summer update

Max Ott · 2 months ago8 changes

Even though we've been quite throughout the summer, we have been working on a huge task: migrating our whole infrastructure to new hardware to provide everyone with an even more reliable and especially faster experience. We've seen speed improvements of over 50% across the board and hope you will ap...

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Support for App Previews

Max Ott · 5 months ago3 changes

We just added one of the most requested features in the last couple of months: full support for the upload of app previews for iOS apps. App previews are short video trailers showing your app in action and a great way to demo your app. Apple allows up to 3 app previews per device category.

Learn ...

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More stability improvements and more accessible messaging

Max Ott · 10 months ago3 changes

G’day everybody!

We reworked the complete processing of all sync, download and upload jobs. On average it’s now over 50% faster and you can better understand what is currently happening since we taught our App Manager messaging machine to tell you more specifically what’s going on. {#1547, #155...

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Search for apps and faster way to switch between them

Max Ott · 10 months ago9 changes

Happy new year, everyone!

We kicked off the new year by locking ourselves up in a cabin in the woods and thinking really hard on our resolutions for this new year. Well, what can we say: we came up with something simple! We’ll just keep on building a platform for beautiful, funny and intelligen...

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Submit your app for review through App Manager

Max Ott · 11 months ago9 changes

Hooray, App Managers!

We’re proudly announcing full-scale support of the iOS deployment process. You can now submit your apps for review through App Manager.

That includes many changes and additions to the App Manager platform listed below.

If you encounter any issues that we need to fix or w...

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Fully fledged user and rights management

Sven Golob · about a year ago2 changes

Buongiorno App Managers!

App Manager now supports a professional and fine-grained user and rights management. The account owner can create additional “sub-accounts” and invite colleagues and co-workers to his team in AppManager. This resolves {#831, 836, 1334, 1479} and it’s really cool. These ...

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App Manager now completely manages your apps’ metadata

Sven Golob · about a year ago10 changes

Cheerio, App Managers!

With this iteration, we’re adding complete support of general metadata to our platform, as requested by {#1362}. See all the possible ways to add and edit metadata for your apps listed below.

If you encounter any issues that we need to fix or want to share a feature requ...

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Support for iOS 11 & the "new" App Store

Sven Golob · about a year ago3 changes

Rejoice, App Managers!

iOS 11 is here and so is the complete overhaul of the App Store design, as well as the iPhone X. So, as of right now, we’re supporting all necessary changes to the aspects of your app management process that are affected by these changes. See the changes in the list below...

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App Manager API [beta]

Sven Golob · about a year ago4 changes

Kalimera, App Managers!

We're launching the first API endpoints of App Manager with a couple of early customers, as requested by {#1441}. At the moment, users are able to upload IPAs to App Manager and directly to iTunes Connect. This will be a huge time saver and bring together all aspects of ...

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App Status Bot public Launch and App Manager on mobile

Sven Golob · about a year ago2 changes

Hello App Managers!

Today, we're more than excited to announce the public launch of the App Status Bot. It had to remain in beta quite some time and we thank all our testers for staying with us. You can enable it once you have added at least one iTunes Connect credential in the "Integration" pa...

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