Actions and Automations

AppManager allows you and your team to dramatically shorten release cycles and deployment times. Most common actions like uploading screenshots, refreshing metadata or adjusting general information like pricing or availability can be done in a friction of the time.
Below follows an overview of the possible actions:

Create new versions and languages

You can create new versions and add languages of existing apps directly in AppManager. All information are saved to our database and are submitted to the stores, once you hit the "Upload data" button.

Set general and version information

Manage all general and version-related information of your apps. This includes:

  • version code
  • store categories
  • active languages
  • primary language
  • pricing tier
  • available countries and regions
  • age rating
  • copyright information
  • trade representative information (for the Korean App Store)
  • app review information

Upload screenshots

With AppManager you can upload hundreds of screenshots with one click. With our intelligent image and locale detection, you no longer need to manually upload screenshots for each language and device size.

Upload and manage metadata

AppManager provides you with different ways and views to update and change your app's metadata.

  • Field view: View one field (i.e. description or keywords) for all your different locales. Great if you want to change URLs
  • Locale view: View all fields for one languages; standard view you know from the store portals
  • File-based upload: Mass upload via Excel (XLSX) or JSON file. Great if you want to change a lot of information at once or set up a new app

Upload builds

If you rely on internal resigning of developed apps by 3rd-parties or want a restful API to submit your IPAs, AppManager both offers an API and an interface to upload and submit IPAs.

Deploy apps

You can select builds as well as submit apps for review directly in AppManager.