Screenshot Naming for automatic Recognition

When you upload screenshots to AppManager we use the file name and the dimensions of the file to automatically detect the locale (language), position, and device category/size.
We recommend the following naming pattern to make sure everything gets recognized on the first try:


Device size

We automatically detect the device size/category for App Store Connect. Please refer to our overview of all possible resolutions.


Simply use a number from 1-10 (App Store Connect) and 1-8 (Google Play) to indicate the position and order of your screenshots.


If you are localizing your screenshots for international audiences you can use the official ISO locale codes in the file name. Please refer to our overview of all possible languages.


Please note that the iphone65 part in the file name is not required and was only used to generate the screenshots with Photoshop/Sketch.


To avoid errors with the recognition of your screenshots avoid "random" numbers in the file name as they might get recognized as position indicators and us - or _ to separate locale codes, position, name etc.

Screenshot Naming for automatic Recognition

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