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How is AppManager different from App Store Connect (iTunes Connect) or the Google Play Dev Console?

AppManager provides one simple to use interface for all the different stores and automates as much as possible. From automatic screenshot recognition to the mass upload of metadata and reusable template and much more allow you to streamline the deployment process and save valuable time and resources.

How does the free trial work?

You can use all features of AppManager for 30 days without adding your credit card. There are also no limits to store uploads.

Does AppManager work with different teams?

Yes, we automatically get all your apps across different teams linked with your store accounts into AppManager. Depending on your permissions you can change and upload screenshots, metadata, general information and builds.

Is AppManager secure?

Yes, and it is one of our main priorities to keep your data safe and secure. All traffic is encrypted using SSL / HTTPS and all data is only stored encrypted in our databases.