In-app Purchases

AppManager allows you to create new in-app purchases as well as manage or delete existing ones.


Once you connect your account with AppManager, we will get all in-app purchases for each app. Navigate to the app and click on "In-App Purchases" in the sidebar on the left to view and access them

  1. Lets you create new in-app purchases and guides you through the creation process.

  2. Displays a list of all in-app purchases, if any are available. Click on the name to view or change the details.

  3. If you want to delete in-app purchases, simply click on "Delete". You still need to upload your data to App Store Connect.

  4. "Download from App Store Connect" lets you get the latest version of in-app purchases and overrides any local data. Once you are ready to push your own changes, click on "Upload to App Store Connect".