Manage in-app purchases

To manage and edit an in-app purchase click on its name on the list of in-app purchases that belong to the app. To save all information and update the in-app purchase scroll down and click on "Update in-app purchase". This will save all data on our servers. To push the data to App Store Connect, click on "Upload to App Store Connect".

General Information

General information about the in-app purchase. Most of them are chosen when first setting it up.



Type Read-only

Type of in-app purchase

  • Cannot get changed after initial setup

Reference Name Required

Internal reference name

  • Editable at all times

  • Not visible to the customer

  • Up to 64 characters

Product ID Read-only

Internal reference identifier

  • Cannot get changed after initial setup

  • Not visible to the customer

  • Up to 100 characters

Subscription Group Read-only

Subscription Group this IAP belongs to

  • Only available for auto-renewable subscriptions

  • Cannot get changed after initial setup

Subscription Duration Required

Duration of your subscription

  • Only available for auto-renewable subscriptions

Availability Required

Release in-app purchase

  • Still requires to get approved by Apple

  • Can get changed at any time



Price tier of in-app purchase

  • Can get changed at any time


Customer-facing information about your in-app purchase.



Name Required

Customer-facing name

  • This will be the name your customers see

  • Up to 30 characters

Description Required

Customer-facing description text

  • Provide more context about the purchase

  • Up to 45 characters

Add new language by clicking on the "Add languages" dropdown and then on the appropriate language. Remove an existing language, by hovering over the respective language and then click on the red circle with a "-" symbol.

App Promotion Information

Promote your in-app purchase with it's own image or icon on the App Store.



App Promotion Image Optional

Promotional image or icon

  • Gets displayed in App Store search results as well as on your app's product page on the App Store.

  • Needs to be 1024x1024px without transparencies

  • Must be different from the app icon

Add your app store promotion image by clicking on the "choose file" and select the image. To change the image, simply click on "Delete image" and upload a new one again.

Review Information

Provide information for Apple's app review. Check out the app store review guidelines for more information.



Review Screenshot Required

Screenshot of the purchase for app review

  • Needs to be in one of the official screenshot sizes

  • Needs to show where customers can purchase your in-app purchase

Review Notes Optional

Commentary for app review

  • Optional, but very useful field to tell more information about the in-app purchase

  • Up to 4000 characters