Manage subscription groups

Create, manage, and edit subscription groups for your auto-renewable in-app purchases.

Subscription groups are a collection of auto-renewable in-app purchases that have some shared information. Specifically a customer can only be subscribed to one subscription within the same group. AppManager allows you to create new subscription groups as well as manage existing ones. The deletion of subscription groups is only possible, if they are created on AppManager and not yet uploaded and created on App Store Connect. Once a subscription group is created, if cannot get deleted.


Once you connect your account with AppManager, we will get all subscription groups for each app. Navigate to the app and click on "In-App Purchases" and then "Subscription groups" in the sidebar on the left to view and access them.

  1. Lets you create new subscription groups and guides you through the creation process.

  2. Displays a list of all subscription groups, if any are available. Click on the name to view or change the details.

  3. "Download from App Store Connect" lets you get the latest version of subscriptions groups and overrides any local data. Once you are ready to push your own changes, click on "Upload to App Store Connect".

General Information



Subscription Group Reference Name Required

Internal reference name

  • Editable at all times

  • Not visible to the customer

  • Up to 64 characters

Subscription Group ID Read-only

Apple-issue numeric ID

  • Gets automatically created by Apple

  • Not editable

  • Not visible to the customer


Provides you with a list of all linked in-app purchases. Click on "Add" to create a new in-app purchase linked to this group.


Customer-facing name of the subscription. Users will see these names when they manage subscription on their devices. Check out the official documentation for more information.



Subscription Group Display Name Required

Name of the subscription displayed on the customer device

  • Can get changed at any time

  • Up to 75 characters

App Name Display Options Optional

Custom name for your app

  • Use this field, if you want to display a custom app name on the customer device's subscription settings

  • Can get changed at any time

  • Up to 30 characters