Field vs. Locale View

Handling multiple localizations can be time-consuming, especially if you only want to change an URL. That's why we created the "Field View" in addition to the standard "Locale View".

Locale View

Use the "Locale View" if you want to change a lot of information for one language. The "Locale View" shows you all fields for one language. This is especially useful if you want to change the marketing, software, or privacy URL for your iOS app. With our helpful "Use primary language" checkbox, you only have to change the URL once and let the primary language field override all other languages!

Field View

Use the "Field View" if you have a lot of different languages and you want to change one field. Maybe you want to make sure that you are using all the 100 characters for your keywords, or simply want to put in the release notes for a new app version.

If you want to change or upload a lot of metadata, we recommend using the file-based upload, which allows you to use an Excel sheet or JSON file to upload all your metadata for an app at once!