View existing screenshots

View already uploaded screenshots to App Store Connect and the Google Play Dev Console

You can view and browse your already uploaded screenshots in AppManager as well. Simply click on ScreenshotsView existing screenshots to see them.

View your "live" screenshots right in AppManager

All screenshots are automatically sorted by the different device categories and languages. You can also switch to device mode to view all screenshots across different languages for a specific device.

Reset all screenshots

If you want to reset or delete all screenshots, click on the Reset all screenshots button at the bottom of the page. If it's not present, make sure that your app has at least one version in an editable status. Once confirmed, we will delete all uploaded screenshots for all languages and reset the scaling property.

Danger Zone We will delete all screenshots and there is no way to undo this deletion.

Download existing screenshots

Sometimes you might want to download all existing screenshots to archive them or similar. You can do this in AppManager with a single click. We will create an archive for you containing all your app's existing screenshots and downloading them. The best thing: They are already in the correct naming format if you need to re-upload them sometime later to AppManager again.

Please bear in mind that the size and duration of the download greatly depends on how many languages and screenshots you have and might take a few minutes!