App Store Connect (iOS)


App Store Connect provides you access to all your macOS, iOS, and tvOS apps. An App Store Connect source automatically imports all your apps and versions into AppManager. With a linked App Store Connect account, you'll be able to:

  • Getting access to apps, including: iOS, macOS, and tvOS

  • Create new versions

  • Upload screenshots with one click

  • Mass upload metadata via spreadsheets or JSON files

  • Edit all App Store details

  • Select builds and submit apps for review


To set up the App Store Connect source, all you need to add is your Apple ID on the Linked Credentials page, choose the apps you would like to add to AppManager and let the initial account sync finish.

1. Choose "App Store Connect" from the list of platforms

2. Enter your credentials. For security reasons, we currently do not support Apple IDs with active 2 Step or 2 Factor Authentication. We suggest, you create a sub-user inside of App Store Connect. (Follow the guide below)

3. Choose from the list of apps the ones you would like to add to AppManager and click on "Add apps to AppManager". You can always changes this later on.

Depending on the amount of apps your account has, we might display them in a table format to make it easier to select them.

4. Let the initial sync finish and start managing your apps!

Secure Access

We highly recommend setting up a separate sub-user inside of App Store Connect for us to sync with instead of providing your own credentials. To create a sub user in App Store Connect:

1. Log into your App Store Connect account > Users and Roles.

2. Click the + button at the top of the page.

3. Enter the name and email for the new user. You can use the following values:

  • First Name: AppManager

  • Last Name: Sync

  • Email: Enter an email address you own that isn't currently assigned to any other existing sub user.

  • We recommend selecting the "App Manager" role

And click "Invite".

You're all done. In a few seconds you will receive an email from Apple with a link to set a password.

When you have set your password, proceed to AppManager's Linked Credentials screen and link the account using the email address and password from the previous steps.

Important note about 2 Factor/Step Authentication

Due to the manual nature of 2FA it is not supported for automatic syncing. If you enabled 2FA for your App Store Connect account you'll need to create a sub-account to enable syncing.