Google Play Dev Console (Android)


Google Play Dev Console provides you access to all your Android apps. To connect with Google Play Dev Console, you will need to create a service account and upload a JSON key file, so AppManager can connect securely with your account.

With a linked Google Play Dev Console account, you'll be able to:

  • Getting access to your Android apps

  • Upload screenshots with one click

  • Mass upload metadata via spreadsheets or JSON files

  • Edit all Play Store details/metadata

Requirement: Service Account

To set up the Google Play Dev Console source follow the steps below to create a new service account:

1. Log into your Google Play Dev Console account > Settings > API access

2. Scroll to the section "Service Accounts" and click on "Create Service Account".

Google Play Dev Console API access tab

3. A popup will appear, which tells you the next steps. Click on "Navigate to the Google API Console".

Create a new Service Account

4. The Google API Console will open on the Service accounts page. Click on "+ Create Service Account".

Create Service Account view in Google APIs IAM & admin interface

5. Enter a service account name (i.e. AppManager) and give it a description like "Give Access to AppManager" and click on "Create".

Name the service account

6. Skip the account permissions page by clicking on "Continue". In the 3rd step create a key by clicking on "+ Create Key" and select JSON as key type and click on "Create". The key/file will automatically get downloaded to your device. To finish the process, click on "Done".

Create a JSON key file for authentication

7. Go back to Google Play Dev Console and click on "Done". Your newly created service account will appear in the list of service accounts. Click on the "Grant Access" button, to give it access to your apps. The default role of "Release Manager" is fine.


1. Choose "Google Play" from the list of platforms

2. Enter a descriptive name for the account. This name will get displayed throughout AppManager and upload your previously created/downloaded JSON keyfile.

3. To add apps from Google Play, you will need to enter the package name. It's currently not possible for us to retrieve all your apps. If you have a lot of apps you'd like to add to AppManager, please contact our Customer Success team and they will help you with the process.