Setup Guide

AppManagers lets you connect with your different store accounts to get easy access to all your apps, which alles you to save time while managing your apps and ensure that you'll always have the latest data to work with. As easy as AppManager is to integrate with your existing workflow, there are a few principles to follow as you implement our solution to guarantee that you're set up for success.

Add store connections

Adding your store connections is the first step to get started with AppManager. This ensures that we always have the latest data in AppManager and that you can push your changes back to the stores. Follow our dedicated guides for App Store Connect (iOS) and Google Play Dev Console (Android) or the quick guide below:

1. Choose store connection

Start the process by choosing the store you would like to connect with.

Choose from one of the available connections by clicking on the card or the button below.

2. Add your credentials

In the next step, add your credentials. Those are encrypted both in transit and at rest in our database. This step is currently different for Apple and Google Play. Please check out the respective guides, if you have specific questions.

Insert your credentials to authenticate with a store.

3. Select and add your apps

In the final step, select and add all your apps to AppManager. If your store account contains apps you are no longer maintaining, you can simply choose to not have them in AppManager as well. Depending on the amount of apps in your account, we might display a list to make it easier for you to select apps.

Select the apps you want to manage in AppManager.

4. Let the initial store sync finish

After you added your store connection and selected the apps, AppManager automatically downloads all related information and creates a secure copy. If your account has a lot of apps, this can take up to one hour or more. Subsequent syncs only check for updates on the stores and are much faster.

The first sync might take some time as we get all data from the respective store.

Voilà! You're ready to manage all aspects of your apps now in AppManager.

Add or remove apps and accounts

If you want to add additional accounts, add or remove apps for a specific account, simply go to the "Linked Credentials" section. If you click on "Edit", you can update the password of any credential or add/remove apps from AppManager.

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